About the firm


Michał Majkowski – is an attorney at law, founder of the firm, member of Gdańsk Bar Association.

He has an extensive experience in legal services for public sector, entrepreneurs, companies (including the ones listed on stock exchange) and individuals. He participated in establishing, transformation, liquidation and bankruptcy of many domestic and foreign companies.

He has an extensive knowledge of development projects, establishing public (municipal) companies, financing public projects, European Union Law, public orders and natural environment protection law.

Michał Majkowski graduated from the Faculty of Law at University of Gdansk (1998), then in 1999-2001 he completed post-graduate studies at English and European Union law organized by the University of Cambridge and obtained in 2001 Diploma in an Introduction to English Law and the Law of the European Union. In 2006 he completed the prosecutor’s traineeship at Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk and passed the state prosecutor’s exam. Member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Gdansk (2006 – 2010).

He conducted individual legal advisor’s practice in 2007-2010, simultaneously occupied the position as the legal adviser in the Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship (co-operating with Departments: Commercial Development, Co-ordination of the Voivodeship Development Projects, Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Control and Internal Audit, Voivodeship Property, Society Informative and Computer science).

During his ongoing legal practice he collaborated with many companies, e.g. Gdansk Shipyard – Gdynia Shipyard’s Group Co., Mostostal Gdansk Co. and its subsidiaries (e.g. MG Pomorze Co., MG Chojnice Co. Ltd., MG Żuraw Co. Ltd.), “Instal” Industrial Installations Company Ltd., Radox Co. Ltd, Pomerania Development Agency Co.

Michał Majkowski is an author of several publications in lawyer’s magazines (1)Tax on acquisition of property rights. Property rights’ assignment, 2) Contract of adherence. Limited freedom, 3) Contractual deduction – a way to fulfil the obligation. Shares for debt, 4) The attorney becomes a witness, 5) Public orders. Paragraphs and book of account, 6) Contract of prorogation. Contractual Court Choice. (Law Magazine no 146/02, 165/02, 178/02, 202/02, 209/2002, 218/2002)

Languages: English, Russian.

The law Office offers professional legal services in Sopot, Gdynia, Gdańsk and Pruszcz Gdański.