Areas of practice


The Law Firm of Michał Majkowski provides legal services for domestic and foreign entities as well as for individual clients and public finances sector. The specialization of the law firm consists of:

Commercial law

Ongoing legal assistance for commercial entities foreign and domestic, establishing of companies and other forms of legal cooperation (e.g. entrepreneurs, foundations, associations, cooperatives) , advising in transformation of commercial entities: merger, division and other forms of corporate reorganisation, exchange and cheque law, securities issuing, drafting and assessment of contracts, preparation of legal opinions, commercial documents and legal acts, litigation and  enforcement of claims in pre-trial and trial procedure, corporate law, strategic consulting.

Civil law
- contracts – litigation of contracts’ claims, preparation, reviewing and analysis of contracts, defects in the declaration of will, conducting the cases related with determining the invalidity of the contract, contractual negotiations, creditor protection in the event of insolvency of the debtor (actio pauliana).

- real estate – conducting cases concerning ownership and rights to property (acquisitive prescription, the protection of ownership, the abolition of ownership, the separate ownership of property, easements, liens, cooperative ownership right to property, perpetual usufruct). Regulating the legal status of real estate associated with deletion of mortgages,  encumbrances and third party rights from land and mortgage registers, drafting all types of real estate purchase and sale contracts, sale and lease-back contracts, lease, tenancy and leasing contracts, fiduciary contracts, mortgage repayment contracts;
- family law – divorce and separation cases, annulment of marriage (canon law), alimony cases, adoption cases, establishing contacts with a child, determination of parental authority, division of assets and liabilities due to divorce, custody and guardianship cases, determination or denial of a child origin, establishing the ineffectiveness of recognition of paternity, annulment of the adoption,
- inheritance law – conducting cases of domestic and foreign heritages, including acquisition of inherited assets, division of inherited assets, legitimate proportion cases, recognition as an unworthy of inheritance issues, liability for a succession debts, waiver of inheritance, claiming from the heirs, wills.
- damage claims – conducting cases, dealing with communication, maritime, cargo and financial insurances, as well as civil liability on the grounds of the business or professional activities, claiming damages for bodily harm, personal injuries or death of close relatives, we claim for compensation, refunds of the costs related to suffered injuries and costs of medical treatment, compensatory benefits, pensions for increased daily demands and decreased life standards, caused by a death of a close relative, compensation for damaged cars
- press law and personal rights protection – representing clients in court proceedings concerning: violation of their personal rights (tangible and intangible), publishing of a response or dementi, protection of their personal rights, criminal responsibility for libel and other infringements of personal rights, brought by politicians in so-called “election mode”, representing and defending the journalists as well as representing the persons whose rights were violated by press articles.

Administrative law
- tax – routine tax advice concerning Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, VAT, PCC inheritance and gifts tax and real estate tax, representing clients before revenue office and administrative courts at all levels.
- Legal assistance in infrastructure, construction (development) and investment projects – assessing the possibility of property development with reference to zoning and construction law; tender proceedings, contracts for design works and contracts for construction work, consortium contracts, contracts for preparation of the investment, Investment representation contracts, public orders for construction works, credit agreements with banks.

Immigration Issues
- property acquisition by foreign persons.

Criminal and economic offences law
Complete legal representation, in all types, and at all stages of criminal proceedings (acting on behalf of the Client as a defendant, attorney for auxiliary prosecutor, claimant or witness in criminal proceeding).  The main specialization of our law office are commercial criminal law and economic offences law and enforcement criminal law (postponement of execution of the criminal sentence, release on parole), as well as the proceedings related to issuing of the European Arrest Warrant (ENA).

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Legal representation in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal cases, in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Appeal Courts and before arbitral tribunals.

Environmental law
Legal consultancy and representation in the proceedings involving the Polish and EU environmental law, analysis legal risks concerning all aspects of the impact entities have on the environment (e.g., emission of gases or dusts, water supply and sewage disposal, liability for environment pollution), advisement on legal aspects of obtaining integrated permits, solving legal problems arising of disputes concerning environment pollution, representation of clients in the proceedings before public administration bodies and courts.

Bankruptcy and rehabilitation law
Representing the creditors as well as the clients in a difficult financial situation at all the stages of bankruptcy or rehabilitation proceedings, analysis of the financial position and legal status of companies and remedial programs, legal consultancy in sale of the entirety of the enterprise or particular asset components of the companies in bankruptcy, representation of creditors before general receiver, court supervisor, administrator and judge commissioner.

Law of the public finance
Legal consultancy for public sector units (e.g: territorial self – government units, budgetary units and agencies) which for example includes: establishing, liquidation, transformation and privatization public sector units, public aid issues, infrastructure projects (computer nets, railway and air transportation, airport development), capital transformation of municipal companies, corporate consultancy, innovative programs, settlement of  donations, UE programs.

EC law
Constant advice for entrepreneurs in possibilities of  gaining EU funds, legal assistance regarding the determination and interpretation of EC rules applicable, legal support for clients who are planning to start their business activity on EC market.

Private international law
Solving legal problems which are caused by the conflicts of law system of different countries by pointing the law applicable for legal appraisal specific situation in the range of civil, family or labour law.

Labour and social security law
Establishing, expanding and continuing an employment relationship issues, claims arising of employment injuries, collective labor agreements, work regulations, restructure of employment procedures, advisory in the selection and establishment of employment structures, employment disputes, preparing the appeals of the ZUS decisions, providing services in restructuring of the ZUS duties, mobbing and sexual harassment cases.

Intellectual property law
Drafting and consulting contracts of assignment and sale of intellectual property rights of all kind, licensing agreements for copyrighted works, derivative rights contracts, representing clients in the disputes arising of infringement of their intellectual property rights before civilian and arbitration courts.